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About Mikaela Moody

Mikaela has been obsessed with miniatures as long as she can remember. As a kid, she set up intricate scenes for play with her dolls, and in recent years, she was bit with the adult toy collecting bug. Mikaela began creating miniature and doll content on TikTok and Instagram in 2021, and the videos were instantly going viral. Redoing rooms in her dollhouse where she creates detailed scenes are some of her most popular videos, along with doll restorations, unboxings, personal style vlogs, and more.

She is a highly detail oriented individual who loves telling a story through a diorama and sharing positive energy with her online community. She encourages them to reclaim their style and childhood and give into that urge to buy themselves a toy. Mikaela's posts have been re-shared on the Instagram stories of leading brands in the toy industry, including Bratz, MGA's Miniverse, and Super Impulse, as well as many fans. 

My latest projects

My Latest Projects



The girls are enjoying themselves, relaxing in the sun & celebrating love in style. Mikaela restyled 20+ bratz dolls into lil unhinged fashion girlie rainbows for this set up and staged a mini Pride festival featuring the Bratz Flashback Fever RV, Pride Two Pack Box, and numerous miniatures. See more in the Photography Portfolio.



Sushi date night featuring Re-Ment Miniature Petit Sushi Go Round Japan Restaurant Set #6 Modeled with OG Rock Angels Cloe wearing an original dress + sleeves created by Mikaela & Motorcycle Cade restyled by Mikaela. See more in the Photography Portfolio.

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